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About Us

  Contact Information
Drive Medics Data Recovery
3425 Murphy Canyon Road.
Suite B
San Diego, CA 92123
Right across from Fry's Electronics, after the intersection of 15 FWY & Aero Dr.
Click here for directions.

Our Staff
All of our technicians have undergone a rigorous training program by our head technician who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We make sure that only the most qualified technicians in the industry are able to work on your drives.


Drive Medics Data Recovery, Inc. was founded by a data recovery expert who saw the need for a higher standard of service in the data recovery industry.Since its inception, Drive Medics has been a leading developer and provider of computer and consulting services to business and home users throughout the area and the world.

What We Do
We are a rare breed: a service center for every brand of hard drive. Drive Medics has also continuously prided itself on hiring professionally certified technicians and top notch talent and leading experts in their field of expertise. We implement dynamic recovery strategies while providing the best customer service in the industry. We offer a complimentary media pick-up service for local clients and our professional service representatives will help you in any way possible to prevent future data loss.

Prevention is the key. Why simply react to data loss every time it occurs when you can prevent it from happening again? We inform our customers on how to identify a failing hard drive and how to respond to it so that no further damage can take place. On request, we can also implement these backup solutions to ensure the integrity of your data.  We believe in showing the community that we are dedicated to excellent service. Regardless of the size or severity of the data recovery project, we remain efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

Our customers include Costco, Navy, Marines, and major wireless companies.

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